Filtering Constraints: Created in the last 24 hours filter

Hi Guys,

I have spent some time going through the forum looking over the various options to help me filter a search by its creation date “within the past 24 hours”.

A useful post showed logic on how to filter search by created date for a future time. IE at midnight.

my constraint is trying to filter by a date in the past. so using the opposite logic to above i tried this

However I haven’t had any luck! Could anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? or alternatively a better option to filter data by “displaying data that was created within the past 24 hours”


@mjk :wave:

Dates are always confusing, I know. :blush: Hope that I can help a little bit.

I think it should work if you do this:

Created Date > Current date/time +(days) -1

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Fantastic that worked a treat, thank you!

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Glad it helped! :clap::blush:

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