Current date/time should keep up with actual time

Using current date/time in an expression only grabs one value for the time. It doesn’t keep incrementing as time passes.

This is a problem if I’m doing something that needs to update, such as showing a progress bar. The whole point of a progress bar is to update status in real time.

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The way to achieve this is to set a workflow every x seconds, and update a custom state with the current date/time. Then use that in your display.

Is there a technical reason that it should require a workflow, on the server, to keep track of the current time?

I’m saying we need a thing like “realtime date/time” that when you drop it into an expression it’s always up to date, like a clock.

How do you know it runs on the server ? It won’t use up a workflow anyway.

And it isn’t all that complex, I would imagine controlling some sort of “realtime” field would take as long to set up (because your application might not be the same as my application, and we will probably want different update rates etc).

There are other ways to do it (if you search) such as having a bit of Javascript but that also runs an iteration every x seconds.

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Ok i’m having trouble understanding how to do this. Do you have a visual way of explaining how to achieve this? I can’t seem to find anything to update a Custom state in workflows.



For setting up the screen clock, I set the custom state and workflow as advised above. However the time wont update and stays the same as that when the page was loaded.

Am I missing something here?
Please help

You text element should Update Time rather than Current time.

Thanks @NigelG for your reply!

Im still not able to figure out though. :confused:
What changes should I make?

Isn’t Date Plugin by bubble a better option to do this?

Not sure what that is or what you mean, sorry.

This is the plugin i am talking about.

Ok. Looks nice.

Can’t see it is ‘better’ just maybe quicker.



This is the plugin i am talking about.

That plugin just gets the current time, repeated every second (using JavaScript), and outputs the updated time… so it’s basically the exact same thing as running a workflow every second yourself to update the time (it might take slightly less time to set up, and I do sometimes use it myself for simplicity, and it’s a great plugin, but I don’t think it’s any better - maybe just slightly simpler).


Got it…Thanks @adamhholmes

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