Simple digital clock

Hi guys.

I have made a really simple clock on my page. It is simply: Current date/time:formatted as 20:00

I’ve been looking, but can’t find a clear answer on how to make this text update. I was going to use the workflow feature “Do every X seconds” but quickly realised I couldn’t update the text.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Put the text inside a group, set the group content type to ‘date’ with the data source of ‘current date/time’

Then have your text inside that group, set to display the parent group’s date, formatted as hh:mm

Then with your ‘Do every second’ workflow, update the group by using a ‘display data’ action to set it to the current date/time.

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Smart. Very smart. Thanks!

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Even simpler, there is a plugin called current date/time (Current date/time Plugin | Bubble) that all you have to do is add the date element to the page and create a text element with reference to that date element and it will do everything for you. No workflows.


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