Current Geo position is not showing

After i added Geo code and maps API keys the current location are not showing as text but before i added keys it showed fine !!
actually its not showing but its working . When i enter a place and asks to calculate distance between current location and the entered place its works.

But why the current location text is empty

Did you try adding ['s address] to it?

Side of that map icon there’s text field of current location it’s blank now !!

Can you be more descriptive

Please share screenshot of your editor where you have added this.

Okay. That seems odd. But can you try adding the address suffix to it like this?

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 3.12.56 PM

No it didn’t work ! actually before adding APIs it worked great

If I add current geographic position latitude it works , So why the current position is not showing ??

Hmmm. Sorry, looks like it is beyond me. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer or you can raise a bug for this.

Maps do have a lot of issues.

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can any one help ?

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