Current Geographical Position empty

I have this Text box.

I get no geographic position on the page, just


What am I missing?

Hello @larryreader
you need to have “Google Geocode API Key” in the “Settings” section

if you have that key then you might need browser to allow the know your location
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 13.42.37

if there is any other error you can always inspect it in debugger (in bottom right corner of screen)

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Thanks @viquarahmed07 You bumped me into the solution. I had a mismatch of API keys from different Google Cloud projects in the settings I had not seen the debug error -
Geocoding Service: cannot connect to the service, please check the Geocode API key
For others that might land here I went here for reference
[Working with Location Data - Bubble Docs]

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