Current Geographic position

Hi bubblers,
I can output the current geographic position’s latitude and longitude on my app but not the current geographic position itself or formatted as address? any ideas? could this be related to the Google API key ?
thanks a lot for your help.

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… or could this be related to my other issue about DNS record settings (i still don’t have SSL enabled. only my www.domain can be accessed, not the root domain). thanks for your help. @charly any idea? thanks

Maybe with the cache of your browser ? I think this function is based on the geolocation of your browser… Sometime it doesn’t work : change your browser or try with 4G and not wifi !

I still have this very annoying issue… i can’t get “current geographic position” on my app anymore. I can output the latitude and longitude though but as i can not output the formatted address.
a text Current geographic position’s latitude will show up correctly
a text Current geographic position:formatted address will be empty

Can anyone explain what is or is not related to the Google API key and how do we know if this is setup correctly or not? i don’t have any error messages.

any idea anyone? i need help…

Did you try this morning ? Yesterday happened a problem on the main cluster, so I had big problems yesterday evening (saving data in database was not very efficient)

If it doesn’t work, give me your setup or a link to your editor !

I tried on a project without Google API keys setup, works perfectly :wink:

I solved it. i missed the fact that you have to inform Google Webmaster Central that your are the verified owner of the domain name by setting a DNS CNAME record from Google in your registrar (OVH). this is the reason why my API key was not authorized…

i followed the steps described and it solved it all (i used the DNS CNAME method described by Google and created the DNS CNAME in OVH, the DNS TXT method didn’t work).

i hope this will save other bubblers like me!

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Thanks @sylvain! Could you please check and share if you have verified “Additional verification methods” as well or have just verfied “Affiliated product”?