Current page name is only available in reusable elements?

Does the current page name seem to be gone from Conditional Statements on regular pages? I can only find the option on reusable elements.

You are right @nocodeventure

It doesn’t appear in the workflows, too. This feature is active only on reusable elements. Please, create a bug report

I’ve filed too many reports so I’m not sure if I should add this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you file a bug report on this?

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Did you hear anything back on this? Copy/pasting it works, but otherwise it’s missing.

It’s actually a very useful parameter to have when working with dynamic URL’s.

It’s still not fixed.

That’s not a bug, at least the Bubble team says. In our previous talk, I was sure it was a bug because I had workflows that worked that way. Then when I created the report for this. But the original bug was to copy and paste it: I got an email from the team about it.

Yes, copying and pasting work fine and I have used it somehow, but the team doesn’t count it in the bug class.

In short, you can copy and paste it and it’s works as an unpublished feature.

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