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Hi @eve

I use a lot of reusables and many of my navigation works through URL params.
Everytime I want to send a new param I need to use the “go to page” action. I actually mean for the user to stay in the same page and display the new params in the URL.

The problem is that the reusables are used in differente pages so that I have to check for the page name in conditionals and create many alternatives to keep the user in the right page. Doable, but very annoying.

Some other bubble users have argued about this in the forum before:

My quetion is: could we have a “:current page” option in the Go to page action ?

A small but very helpful improvement.

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Hi @di_lucena,

I would suggest throwing it in the ideaboard at Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code

If Bubble ever makes Regex arrays work properly then you could extract the page from the URL?

Just did! Good idea! Thanks!

I have little regex knowledge, but I´ll do some research for this!

Hi there - just launched a feature allowing navigation to the current page! Learn more: [Feature] Enable navigating to a dynamic page