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I’ve been trying to find a workaround to a particular issue within Bubble. It revolves around workflows for returning users.

I have a few apps where there is a workflow that allows users to immediately start using the app before they signup. This workflow might include creating a new thing within Bubble’s database. When it’s a brand-new user, and they go through the workflow, create a thing, and sign up, the thing is still attached to their profile, making them the thing’s Creator.

But for returning users, this is not the case. If a returning user tries to create a thing without signing in, but does sign in halfway through, they are NOT considered the thing’s Creator, and this can cause problems in workflows.

Currently, my workaround has been to populate each popup or group throughout the workflow with the “Parent Group’s Thing” so that it holds the data when the returning user is signed in, and if they go backwards or fowards in the workflow, the data will carry over, and I believe they are then made to be the thing’s Creator.

My question is, has anyone else encountered this issue and how have you worked around it?

Thank you

Hello @randreas

Bubble holds data for un-signed users for 3 days. This was mentioned on the documentation somewhere sometime ago. I am not sure though if this practice continues.

Explore the following:

  • When creating a thing … record the “creating user” with the current user separately on a field of type user.
  • Run a subsequent backend flow on day 4 to check for that field not to be empty.
  • If it is empty … determine what to do next within your application’s functionality. Or else … consider deleting the object because it will not have a creator user on day 4 and on.

If you decide to test this, please share back your findings (it may be interesting to folks, starting with me, to reconfirm that Bubble indeed erases unsigned users after 3 days) :smiley:

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try this out.

You also gave me another idea with backend workflows that I’m going to try and explore.


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