Current time is fetched from Users Computer

I am working on timer which will be same across user. But when i calculate difference between target date and time and current date and time. it shows different values to each user based on users system time. Cant it be same as Server time

It’s something on our list, but haven’t solved it yet (it’s actually a tricky/complex problem). For most cases though, usually, you want to use time on the user’s computer. What is the use case here?

If it is so my app will be useless. I want to display entries based on current time and target time. also have a timer which accepts entries based on the current time. Any way out to do this?

Could you use Blockspring’s Time - Current Timestamp function ?

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@emmanuel this functionality of picking time is added or still through bolckspring only?

No not yet.

How’s that different from Bubble’s feature?

Bubble returns the time on the users computer, so “local” time. If you want to do something that requires a “standard” time it is very difficult, as you can’t reliably work out the time zone either.

Blockspring would return you UTC. Although now, with the API connector, I would imagine doing that is fairly trivial and doesn’t need blocksping.

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So, as an exemple, if I set appointment at a given day/time with someone in a a different time zone, the time won’t match. I’s sad.

What would change using the API instead go choosing “current day/time” from the editor?

You could use an API that returns UTC.

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I want to use it for countdown timer which should be starting and ending in same time. Irrespective of users system time. It should be definitely setup in one time zone. and i want to use it for Asia/Kolkata