What is Current date/time?

What does Current date / time represent?

Some places in our app it appears to be the Users computer time. Other times it appears to be server time?
For example, on our sign in page, the Current date / time appears to be the server time. Whereas on the next page our user hits, it appears to be using the user’s computer time. We’ve seen these values differ for ~5% of users.

Would love to have a Bubble Team member chime in on this one. @neerja

Current date/time returns current time of user’s computer or the server’s time if it’s ran in a workflow. There might be a few exceptions that you hit so can you send an example of the discrepancy to support? In particular, what do you mean by “the next page our user hits”? Is it a workflow? A displayed element?

Sure. First, to clarify, I’m testing the difference between server time and user time by manually changing my computer time to be 10mins fast.

Here’s a specific example of what I see when I set my computer 10mins faster than reality:

Our check-in page is the 1st page a users hits. The user enters her email and is logged in via a workflow with a set of actions. We store the check-in/login time and the time is consistent with reality time = 2:59pm.

Then our user moves to our welcome page and we store the time she arrives. This set of actions is within a workflow that’s triggered on page load. You can see below, that the welcome time is the users time which is 10mins fast = 3:09pm

We need a way to make this consistent such as the ability to reference the server time and calculate the offset between the server time and the user’s computer time.

This is helpful context. We’ll look into it and post you from support.

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