Current user geographic location is not accurate

Hi team,

We are always facing this location issue. This functionality is crucial in our app as this is a food delivery, and precise location is essential for us.
The app functionality is working fine aside from the location, both on the web and mobile (we have it published in both app store and play store). Below is the list of issues we are facing:

  1. There are times that app is asking permission for location and there are times that it is not, obviously when it did not ask for location, the functionality to update the user’s current location won’t work.
  2. Even if we allow access to location as a user, the current user geographic location is not accurate, it is showing 4 or more kilometers away from user’s current location.
  3. When we save the geolocation in our data base after user saves it, the address is correct, but when we show it to user it is the same, it is a shortened version and sometimes different PINCODE. I tried inspecting the element itself in debug mode, the default value is different on what is shown in the user itself. Please see attached screenshot.

We need to access the precise location of user.

If you need anything else, let me know, you can also reach out to us privately if you know how to fix it, here’s our email: [email protected]

Thank you.

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