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Current workflows user vs current user

Hey all,

I’m setting up a recurring event which will reset an API counter based on a user’s plan’s subscription refresh date.

On the backend workflows, should this be a make changes to current WORKFLOW USER or just current user?

I’m not too sure what the difference is.

Current workflow user. Current user would be the person that started the API workflow, which might not always be the case. Better to use current workflow user (the user assigned to that API workflow).

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hey @Nocodify

I want this recurring event to happen for every single user who is subscribed to a plan on the web app.

Because each one who has subscribed will have a certain refresh date depending on their plan.

Does the ‘current workflow user’ do this?


It should, yes. Maybe if you take a screenshot of the API workflow I can see better

Here it is:

On the ‘only when’ condition, the ‘current user’s subscription end’ is the subscription refresh day from Stripe (so it would be either one month or one year from when they subscribed initially).

Please verify if this is set up properly.