Currently selected item in repeating group?

Hi all,

Can I find out the currently selected row in a repeating group and do something with this information?

I have two repeating groups: parents and children. I have got it working so that I can enter items in the parent group and when I have an item selected in the parent group, I can add items in the children group which are correctly related, so that when I select on a different item in the parent group I only see that parent’s children in the second group. That much works fine!

When the page loads there is no parent group selected, so that the children group shows all children. I would like to somehow either set or find out the currently selected row in a repeating group so I can do things like highlight the current row, or set a state (which is what the children group uses to know what to find).

I’ve tried every option I can think of, but am now stuck.

Cheers, Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Just to clarify are you trying make a parent group cell from the parents repeating group be selected when the page loads?


Yes, that’s correct.

How is your workflow when you select an item from the parent repeating group?

I set the value of a custom state in the children’s RG to the current cell’s parent. Then the children’s RG uses this state to find the children records to show in the RG.

Ok, so you can do a workflow on page load then this workflow will set the state of the repeating group same as when you click on it to set the state.

Fantastic. That works. I set the page load workflow to only run when the parent RG is loading = No as well.


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