Curret item in a repeating group

I am looking for a way to link the content of current item in a repeating group to a group, or to get this content to use it in a group.
I know about the url solution, but need an other solution

Please help if someone have the solution
Many thanks

You can set a thing to the group and when the current item is select, workflow set the thing of the group

my question is about the current item shown or active in the repeating group.
I didn’t find an answer in the Bubble Reference

@anas001122 Like @Jici is saying, when user clicks current cell’s thing, you can have a set state action that saves it to a custom state in repeating group to show current selection(s). Then in a separate group, you can refer to it like repeating group’s custom state’s value

@neerja Use the state but you can use the Display data (like in the link I provide) to set it in your group.
But maybe you can explain more your use case and your setting (with screenshot).
When you say “Active” in repeating group, what do you mean?
If you only have one item in your group, you can set the Thing of the other group, and the source to be repeating group list of thing: first item too

By Active I meant not selected/clicked, with a repeating group 1row/1column and fixed number of cells.
I have many items in the repeating group.
I tried the repeating group as a source, but it works only with one item…

I have an example here:

I think your app is private. I cannot see that.
I guess you have something to navigate between item (like next or previous arrow)?

Sorry, now it is public.
Yes with a button in an other group with the same problem of linking it with the repeating group if I want to manipulate data

I have updated your app. This is one way according to what I see of your setting.

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Perfect you are genius
Many Thanks

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