Populate group based on repeating group item selected

Showing More Details for Selected User
I have a repeating group users group that shows all users in a repeating group.
I want to hide this repeating group users group, and show a (single) user group to display more information on this user.

I am able to hide the repeating group users group.

Display the user group’s data with the user selected from the repeating group users group

I figured out how to accomplish the goal.

Here’s how I accomplished it:

  1. Start a workflow on the desired element in the repeating group
    1. Set a custom state and set the value to “Current cell’s index”
  2. Under the same workflow, create a “Display data” step
    1. Select the element where you want the data to appear (target element)
    2. Set a condition to “Current cell’s index is [custom state]”
  3. On the target element, set the
    1. “Type of content” to the content you expect
    2. “Data Source” as the Repeating Group’s “List of [your_content]:item #[custom state]”

Note [ ] will not appear in the option text and is shown to represent text that will change based on your application’s content

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