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Just after some advice on layout of an element. I have gone through the templates and came across the ezstarter pack, this looks really good and i am trying to learn how some of the elements are put together and how it was made.

One of the things i really like is the banner element that has a curve going along the bottom. For the life in me though i can’t work out how this is achieved. The element doesn’t have any shape to do this and i can’t see anything in the workflow.

How would you go about doing something like this?

image below of what i am wanting to do.

Any help really appreciated

@simonperks81 I use this free resource and love it:

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Found the solution for this.

in case anyone else wanting the desired effect or to know how then you need to add some HTML to the page/element.

Firstly go to settings>General and tick expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements.
Once done add the html to your page, then for your element add a tag to the ID attribute

For the above i basically have a Group, i added the ID banner_bg to the ID attribute. Then add the html to the page along with this code (put style tags at start and end)

height: 100vh;
-webkit-clip-path: ellipse(100% 80% at 65% 20%);
clip-path; ellipse(100% 80% at 70% 20%)


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