Corner banner with native elements


Looking for a creative solution to a simple problem: creating a “label” in the corner of a group.

I tried to create a shape, rotate it 45 degress, and “hide” half of it by setting a negative x and y value inside another group (so that it’s “outside” of the group it belongs to). It works in the editor, but on the site itself, the group doesn’t mask out elements that are outside of its frame.

You can see in this illustration how I wanted it to look:


And this is how it turned out:

Anyone have a good solution to this? (without using an image, preferably) :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be needing to use some custom CSS to make this happen.

Hmm, yeah, you may be right. This is just a sketch for a customer, so I’ll go for a bitmap, and see if I can solve it with CSS if he likes it.

Thanks Andrew!

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