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Need help building a fantasy sports app

Looking for someone who can connect to various fantasy sport APIs and can help me configure the UI.

Hey Dustin!

I have sent you a private message. Would love to chat more about this project!


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Hello Dustin,

Could you explain more about your idea? I am building templates and looking for ideas here.

Maybe you could share your idea on the thread? I’ll select at least one idea each week and make a free template.


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Hi Dustin,
I am a new bubble developer looking to gain some experience, I have a background on both web and graphics designs. I would love to join your team to boost my experience and upgrade my bubble development skills.

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Maybe you should have replied to @edtyli9 or @calmorrison


I don’t get you?

What id like to do is pull league data from an api. For example, once connected to yahoo api id like to pull and display league data. (Managers - positions- player names - stats)

Then id like to have the ability to put rosters from different leagues side by side.

Say I have one league ID and it pulls in 10 teams from one league, then I have another league ID and it pulls in 10 teams, id like to have those rosters displayed in the same place. Sorry if this description is awful, let me know if your need more clarification.

Are you able to connect to apis and display retrieved info?

No I can’t but I’m searching for classes or tutorials right now. Thank you for your reply

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Whoa!, thanks a lot chief


Right on! Let me know how you feel about apis after researching.

Hey! If you want to send me a link to the docs I can let you know if I can help out and what it would cost!

Hope to help you bubble up to the next level soon!

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Hi Jared.

I am still looking for help. However, I don’t believe I have the information you are looking for. Can you let me know what is typically included when people send you links to their docs? I don’t have links or docs.

At this point I’m looking to talk with someone who has used Yahoo fantasy sports API in Bubble, and can help me understand if what I’m am looking to accomplish is best deployed with Bubble.

i’ve got a similar need, though i’ve already built my golf fantasy app in another nocode application, but now want to rebuild in bubble. maybe we can all work together

What app did you use and why are you looking to build im bubble? Down to talk shop at anytime. Let me know.

Hello @dustinrgood

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,


[email protected]