Help with Fantasy League idea - Bubble Novice looking for help with league table data

Hey, i’ve been exploring and learning the bubble platform for a good 2 weeks now, watching all the videos etc but i am still not sure of the capabilities of the data side of things, but i am assured by bubble and reading the other forum posts that bubble probably has the capacity for what i need.

Apologies for anyone who is experienced and knows this platform inside out, i thought i would try to draw upon your knowledge before going crazy watching tutorials, this is the first website i’ve tried to build so my impatience is probably getting the better of me.

But in short, i want to build a fantasy football website, where users log in/sign up, create/join a league, then each week they have to make a selection from a set of fixtures (which change once a week). Then i need to display a league table when i input results, the user can only view the leagues they are a member of, which they should join via a league id. I’m fairly sure i have the making their selection sussed out, and also creating their leagues etc. Its the league table functionality i cant figure out, how would i display a league table that is usually run in excel. Do i need api’s? or can the bubble infrastructure provide what i need?

Hoping to find a sports fan in the forums who feels sorry for me!

Thanks in advance

Hey Andrew!

Table functionality, the way you are describing it, would absolutely be possible to build with only the Bubble infrastructure. You can definitely replicate some of excel capabilities when it comes to a table, if displaying data is what you are going for then I suggest you to start getting into and playing with Repeating groups, you’ll be able to display leagues and all the info you would like to add with them, as long as you have your data on your app.

There’s plenty of info in the forum about how to display data on Repeating groups and then you can style it however you want to make it look like the table you envision.
Also when clicking on the interrogation mark top right corner of any element’s editor window, Bubble will show you a quick video on how to use it, I’m sure the Repeating group one will help you get things started.

Good luck!


Hey Nico

Thanks for the advice! I am exploring the repeating groups and making some progress!

Hey Andy. Did you get anywhere with this?

@mharris2705 yup, still going. Almost anything can be built on bubble.

I’m looking to make something very similar, can you send a link to yours so I can have a nosey please?