How do I use bubble's Stripe plugin?

Hi, a big thank you to everyone in this forum. I have managed to build a pretty cool app with absolutely NO coding skills, diving into the forum often!

All I have left to do now is to let people purchase my product using bubble’s Stripe plugin, and I just cannot figure it out, no matter how much I browse the forum and youtube!

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. User clicks the ‘buy’ button on my single-page site
  2. A popup opens up:
  3. User fills out inputs: name, email, password, shipping address in the popup
  4. A workflow creates an account and data is added to the user
  5. User clicks ‘pay’

…and I’m lost. What do I do? Build another popup to collect cc details? Somehow send users to Stripe’s hosted checkout? Set up another workflow?

All I can find is Stripe’s API documentation (greek to me!), questions in the forum that are very specific and pertains to stripe.js, subscriptions, coupons, etc which are all overkill in my use case.

Is there a kind soul out there who could just list how to do a super simple, single product checkout setup?

Appreciate it a lot! Cheers

With the bubble strip plugin all you have to do is run a work flow with “charge the current user” if the current user does not have info already stored the bubble/stripe popup will ask for it.


Wow, that was almost too easy! :grin: Thanks for clarifying in a simple way. I can now scratch the step where I ask for details, because Stripe does that anyways.

Also take note that for the next step after the ‘charge the current user workflow’, there will be additional fields returned by the Stripe plugin which you can use to detect whether the payment is successful, etc. Do try it out!

Thanks guys, I ended up not using Stripe for this app after all as I could get by without it this time.

Apparently in Europe we need to comply with SCA, and I couldn’t figure out how to either:
a) populate Stripe’s Checkout popup with user’s cc address data from my app’s inputs
b) pushing the address from Stripe into my app’s database.

I would like to be able to do that because:

  1. I don’t want users to have to fill out their address twice, unless they have a shipping address that differs from their credit card address.
  2. I would like only having to check data in one place; my app’s database, not going to Stripe’s dashboard for the address and my app’s database for other data (such as quantity, customer type etc.)

I don’t know if this makes any sense, there might be a super easy solution that I haven’t found?

I will likely need to use Stripe payments in a different app I’m planning, and if anyone could either point me to where this has been discussed in detail before, or give a simple explanation on how to achieve auto-population one way or the other, I’d appreciate it!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I think, you can enable

  1. Bubble app collects the address
  2. Stripe only collects the payments and not the address - think there is an option in the plugin to disable stripe collecting that info again

What I am struggling with is that I like the way stripe collects address details (as compared to bubble) but there is no way for me to retrieve address data automatically from stripe to bubble.

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hey arjun any luck ? in india stripe ask to provide shipping info which is not available in plugin.