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Custom color placeholder input

Why can’t we have custom colors to the input placeholder? Why are we limited to the six preselected colors?


Hi @jaos.pcl,

Maybe I’m missing what a color on a input placeholder means to you, but you can set your own 7 colors on the settings/general tab:

Is that what you are looking for?

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Ken Truesdale

Thank you for your reply. I’m not talking about the palette, I’m talking about this:


Ahh. I haven’t had the need to try this, but this plugin might help:


That’s the solution! Thank you! I can use it but it’s not optimal for conditionals and can’t use it with styles. Don’t understand why this isn’t a standard feature, it’s certainly not the most advanced one.


You can use toolbox and run this on pageload, make sure you replace the “abc” with your input elements id & replace green with something of your choosing.

This way your bubble elements & conditions will take to the new color without having to replace them.

$('head').append(`<style id="envy">
input#abc::-webkit-input-placeholder {
 color: green !important; 
input#abc:-moz-placeholder { 
color: green !important; 
input#abc::-moz-placeholder { 
color: green !important;  
input#abc:-ms-input-placeholder {  
color: green !important;

If you need it to be dynamic, you can give it an id as i have in the style tag, then use toolbox to run


Then repeat the first step.


Thank you! Will try that!

Hi, I just want to bring this idea up again. I also would appreciate setting custom Placeholder colors. This feels like a no-brainer because otherwise users need to find cumbersome workarounds like described above. Please make placeholder customizable like all other colors.


i’m not sure why this is not a standard feature

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Agree with this! Hopefully they can change it!

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