Custom Date/Time Letter for 10:15pm Time Format - h:MM?

Hey Everyone…

Thanks for your contribution to my “Do Americans Understand 2215” post!

So I will use the 10:15pm format… but what is the custom date/time format character to do that?


Thanks in anticipation,

hh:MMtt :slight_smile:

Yeay, thank you @lantzgould! :slight_smile:

The option is already there

That is true @Taiheta, but I wanted one custom format string to do the day, date, month, year and time all at the same time! :slight_smile:

@antony in the custom field you can select and deselect the different options to your hearts content until you find the pattern that works for your intentions. It is a bit consuming to figure it out, but playing around for a bit gets the results you want.