Custom Domains For User Profiles

Hello, so I would like to create individual domains to my users. I have seen topics on here for it, but I’m a visual person so it was hard to understand. I simply want the user to create a profile, then the user can have a link to the profile, that they can now share on on the web. Kinda like the user setup of sites like gofundme or patrion or kofi or fb pages. Just a custom link directly back to that users page.

All the topics I found for some reason was alot of words, but nothing really made sense haha. Anyways, I would love if anyone could assist.

You can easily create profiles for users, but the actual URL will be

For the user to have a custom domain for their profile, it’s a lot harder to do. This would be something like

If you’re ok with your users having a page for them, but the URL being your app’s domain, then all you have to do is create a dynamic page with the page content set as User. We have a tutorial for this “profile pages” at

If I go with a subscription, what does the one on one give me? Can we go through my app in 60 min and help me fix the items I have had questions on?

Yes, the sessions we can go over mostly anything.

Oh nice! How often are they scheduled? Ill look into that now