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Custom domains for user profiles?

I have an app where multiple users have profiles.

I want to allow them to connect their profiles to their own website (provided they own the domain).

For example, imagine if a Twitter profile lived on instead of

Is this possible? Is there a plugin for this?

No. It is not possible. You will have to by the domains and change the DNS manually to redirect the user to your app’s page…

But you can take a look on this plugin, it is not the same, but it is close of what you need…

You can do it with saas alias plug-in, the user will Need to connect their own domain via dns record or you can integrate Google domains to have every user purchase a new domain and you automatically propagate the domain records or a hybrid of the two.

To auto propagate you’ll need to control the domain though.

Go through the wix signup and domain connect flow for an example of how it would work.

Thanks @chris.williamson1996 and @rpetribu.

To clarify, users will already own their independent domain with Godaddy/ Namecheap/ some other domain hosting provider.

I understand that they will have to update their DNS records. That is perfectly fine by me.

Is there a way for them to map their domain’s DNS records to their unique profile URL within my app, and then for my app to verify it and display the contents of their profile on their custom domain?

For example, imagine linktree, but with custom domains for each person’s page. So instead of my linktree URL being it is (or whatever domain I own and map it to).

For sure , checkout saas alias utilizing netlify. We do this with standard wild card domains

(User) and give them the option to connect their full custom domain with dns records.

Is there a link you could direct me to?

Also, is the site you’re referring to built in Bubble?

If yes, what changes do I have to make in my Bubble app in order to execute a full custom domain option? Is there a plugin or something for that?

Apologies for the multiple questions. Appreciate your help.

the plugin in Bubble is called Saas Alias

Thank you, will check it out!