Custom domains for users

Hey everyone,

I know this has been covered a few times already on the forum, but maybe someone has figured something out already.
So basically I would like to offer my users the ability to connect their own domain to their site (white-labelling). There are currently two ways of achieving that which I have thought of:

  1. Duplicate my existing application, modify the duplicated application for the needs of the user, upgrade to a Personal plan (or higher) and then give the user the instructions on where to point the domain to.
    Pro: It works
    Con: Expensive, no automation

  2. On a separate hosting site (such as host a website and use a full-screen Iframe on the site, basically embedding a part of my application onto this new site. Then give the user to connect his domain to the newly hosted site.
    Pro: Cheap
    Con: No automation, not a “real” solution (the user will eventually find out that his site is just an embedded iframe, for example by looking in Google Analytics).

Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions on what one could do?