Custom Dropdown With Option Set

Hi Everyone. Hoping someone can help…

I have 2 checkboxes, a Pass and Fail (that are actually icons) I have a custom state set up that when the checkbox icon is clicked > the icons turns into a checked icon (for pass) or an X icon (for fail).

My problem is, whenever I select the Pass checkbox icon the Fail checkbox icon selects also. How can I have it where, if the Pass checkbox icon is selected, then the fail checkbox is deselected…vica versa?

Set 2 workflows, one when checkbox changes and checkbox was checked, and one when checkbox is changed and checkbox was unchecked.

If only one Workflow, you’ll have the checked then unchecked dilemna (or vice versa)

And you should have only one checkbox, use conditional for text and color of the checkbox, depending if passed or failed.

I currently have 2 workflows for each checkbox icon.

This is for the FAIL checkbox icon


The condition I have on the checkbox icon is

Same goes for the Pass checkbox icon (except the X turns into a CHECK)

What am I missing in the workflow to UNCHECK the Pass checkbox icon?

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