Custom event; can't select input element from RG

Hi there,

I am creating a dynamic survey. I render one question in an RG. Based on Question type I show: text area (open question), radio buttons (yes/no), checkboxes (multi-select - rendered in sub-RG, based on answer options).

When I click on next the answer is saved to database in a ‘surveyresponse’ list and next question in shown.

In this process I am checking if answer is already given to decide if I should creates or update the

But the workflow steps in the onclick next button are growing rapidly with lots of conditions based on existence of surveyreponse and questiontype which causes to assign the answer based on different components like textarea, radio and multiple checkboxes.

I tried using a custom event for this, but in this I can’t access the components that holds the answers like textarea, radio and multiple checkboxes. Any thoughts on how to make this more efficient?


Anyone? I am now thinking to use a custom state to save the answer as text and use that in the custom event.

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Trying to do exactly the same thing. I want to structure workflows, but as soon as you make a custom one, you lose the ability to reference the elements in the RG. Custom workflows should really retain access to the elements their parent workflows have access to.


I’m running into this problem now too. I have no problem getting info from a dropdown or input when the workflow is triggered by a click of an element, but as soon as I convert it into a custom event, inputs and dropdowns are no longer available.

When button is clicked:

Custom Event: