Custom Events - Meaning of "list" options in Type of Thing

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Can you clarify the meaning of all the “List” options that appear in the Type of Thing field in a Custom Event and how you use them? There’s nothing in the Reference manual about them…

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See pic below:


This looks like data types from a plugin or API connection. In fact… I think it might be my Outlook plugin… So, if you’re sending a specific email message or calendar to be used in a custom event, you’d select the “value” ones to work with a single Thing.

It says “List” because that’s how the call is labeled. These calls allow you to retrieve a list or filter down to a single thing.

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Indeed, those options are from the Outlook plugin.
(I though I had uninstalled it…)

Sorry for the noise!

Btw, where can I read more about your plugin and see some examples? Can you use it to generate an event upon receiving an email? For example, to create a record (a “thing” in Bubblespeak) when an email is received in a certain mailbox? Or is the plugin only for sending out?

I don’t have any demos using the plugin, but what you’re describing is probably best achieved through a webhook so that your app can trigger a workflow (create a Thing) when a new email comes in. That’s not integrated into the plugin, but I can put it on my to-do list.

In the meantime, you could also achieve this with Zapier to ping your Bubble app. New Email > Webhook.

Thank you Gaby.

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