📃 New Plugin - Repeating group events by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new Repeating group events

Custom events and states for a repeating group.
When scrolling a repeating group and new elements are loading, a few states and events will trigger.

The plugin have more specific setup than bubble default state for a repeating group and will help you with your specific needs.


  • Is loading (Yes/No)
  • Total loaded items (Number, total items that were loaded and are visible)
  • Last item loaded (Yes/No, all items were loaded and are visible)


  • Is loading
  • Loading complete
  • Last item loaded

Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/repeating-group-events-1585482321487x394282053527928800
Demo page: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/rg_events

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team .


Definitely comes in handy!

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Hi @eazycode,

This seems very interesting. Should the total fields field be the total count of the RG you’re working with?

So it should be filled with Repeating Group Example’s List of Examples:count?

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Hey Petter, plugin shows only visible elements so there is no matter what total field are

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 15.00.08

You can check demo how everything is set

Regards EzCode team .

Great, thanks!

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@eazycode Hi! Could this plugin somehow help me with this problem: A scrollable floating group with a repeating group inside?

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This plugin is very promising, especially concerning the update of RG on several pages (for a CHAT for example), but alas, it doesn’t work at all for me. However, I’ve copied my settings from your example.

Is there something I would have missed?

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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Hi, can you please send me a link to where you are testing ? We will take a look on what’s wrong. You can send it in a private message.



Thanks for your quick reply.

Now the plugin is working, my bad : never use “&” into an ID Atribute…

But things are still strange : on the WF “Last item loaded”, I get a loop which shows that “Last item loaded” always feeds TRUE or something. Is it normal ?

I send you credentials to my app so that you can have a look.

Thanks a lot,


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we have found where was the issue and pushed an update. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version and see if you still have this issue.

Regards EzCode Team !

Hey !

As said on my alert bar : “It’s fine”, without flashing anymore.

Great, thanks a lot !

I see the upgrade log is mentioning the event “Last item loaded”. I’m not sure, but it seems to me that I had tried with “RG loaded”, and it was the same issue. Did you try this ?

Anyway, thank you so much for your reactivity.

I will try it in my “true” app within a few days.


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Yeah the issue was with “Last item loaded” event and in your example you were also using this event.
Anyway I’m glad that it helped :slight_smile:

Ok great.

But look, in fact, now my button doesn’t work anymore (I only tested with a page refresh).

I mean : if I add a thing to the Datatype, then one more line is added to the RG, which is fine.

But then, the event “Last item loaded” isn’t supposed to fire again ?


Actually yes, it is supposed to fire again. It was another issue.
We have pushed another update to fix that :slight_smile:

Thanks for finding that out.

Wow you’re the best !

Thanks to the team.

I found your plugin a bit by chance : it’s not the one you find easily, but I don’t know why. If you can publicize it just a bit more (maybe you could for example specify the updating chat purpose), I’m sure it’s gonna be a best seller.

Thanks again,


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Thank you a lot for the review and for the recommendations, we will think on how to promote it more.

Regards Andrew from EzCode Team !

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Hi @ezdev

This is a great plugin for specific uses, but I’m curious about one scenario that it doesn’t currently cover. Is it possible to set it up to detect if all elements in the last RG cell have been rendered?

Say you have a list of users with a username and profile pic for example. The last item loaded will trigger when the last currently visible cell itself has been rendered, but the elements within it (text with username and image with profile pic) are still not displayed.

Is there any way to add an event that confirms that all elements in the last cell have been rendered to the screen?

Hi, thanks for the question, we will check if it can be done.
Regards, Andrew!

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Plugin update v1.0.3

New state: All content is visible(Yes/No)

This state is similar to the “Last item loaded” state but it will listen if there where new elements added or loaded.

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Amazing :slight_smile:

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