Custom font colors in Bubble's rich text formatter - is it possible?

Is it possible to use colors beyond the standard palette in Bubble’s rich text editor? I see a code button, and when I click it, it highlights the text, but I am not sure what to do from there, if that is, indeed, where I would make the font color change.

Hi there,

Do you mean allowing users to enter hex codes etc or for yourself to customise specific font colours?

Yes, entering custom hex codes. I have an admin dashboard page, where I can format help center articles, so essentially it’s for me to format those articles using Rich text. I use a particular teal color as part of my color scheme in other links throughout the rest of the site, so it’s weird to me to have a different link color on the help Center page

Sure thing,

If you want to be adding your own colour but within the rich text editor, you can do it like this with tags " [color=#ff00ff]here is text[/color]"

Alternatively wherever the text is being output you can force the text to be the colour you want with some custom css, but I think the above would work for your needs?

YES! This what I was looking for! Thank you!

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Very welcome, enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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