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<span>-like text formatting of specific words within body text

Hi everyone - recent Bubble adapter and first-time poster.

We are trying to highlight a few words in the body of the text in our landing page in a shade of orange that is not available in the rich text color palette.

In HTML, you could easily do this with “span”. Is there any similar functionality in Bubble, or if not, does anyone know of any workarounds?


Have you tried replacing the Color name with a hex codes value e.g. #rrggbb

Thanks for the response Dave – not sure how I would do that? I understand how to make new styles and assign them with a hex code color value, but how do you apply a separate hex color value to individual words within a block of body text that already has been assigned a style? In HTML you can do this with span, but this functionality is absent from Bubble and I’m wondering if I can replicate it by other means.

Also, to be clear – I just looked again at the color palette within the rich text editor and can’t find any way to manually input a color value.


In the rich text editor, just pick any color, then save. You’ll now see the hex code show up in the Element Editor (the big gray rectangle panel), and you can adjust it in there.

This works perfectly! Thanks very much for the help.


See the image below;

Thanks Dave

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