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Custom Formulas or Google Sheets?

Hello Everyone.

I would like to use custom formulas to mimic MS Excel functions.
The formula inputs would be provided by the user using Bubble’s input forms.
The calculated outputs will be displayed on Bubble’s text boxes.
A custom formula appears to be the most elegant solution.

Custom Formulas
I noticed Bubble has two built-in formulas under the “Calculate Formula” option.
I will need to create multiple custom formulas for my own applications.
Please suggest a way (if possible) to create custom formulas without routing each request through Bubble support?

Google Sheets
I could integrate Google Sheets (via Blockspring) to read the user inputs in Bubble, calculate the outputs in Google Sheets, and write the outputs back to Bubble.
However, I’m not sure how to achieve this functionality (I’ve installed the Blockspring plugin and Google Sheets has been authenticated)
If you’ve created something similar, would you mind sharing your process?

Any other overlooked solutions would be appreciated.


At this stage, adding formulas should go through us (i know it’s not ideal).

What you can do quite easily though is create a block in blockspring that computes your formula and use this custom block in Bubble. it’s actually easier and faster than connecting your google sheet. And you have a ton of flexibility in terms of what your formula does.


I’ve created the custom block in Blockspring, and I can access it from within Blockspring.

I’ve associated the custom block with Bubble, and it is now available as a call from the Blockspring plugin page

I’ve added the custom block as a call, but I don’t know how to integrate it in the Bubble editor.
I’ve tried adding dynamic content via the “Get data from an external API” —> “Add more APIs” —> “Add blocks” —> “Add this call” but that hasn’t worked. Am I possibly trying to access the block from an incorrect visual element?

Is there a tutorial available to assist with this?

We don’t have a tutorial for this yet, still working on content with blockspring. But in your case, what do you mean by ‘hasn’t worked’? What does get displayed with you click add this call?


I’m not sure how to describe it.

Nothing happens. No error messages. No page re-direct. The block title “pulp density” in the dropdown menu just disappears after clicking “add this call”

I just can’t integrate / access the block

Can you email support?