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Google Sheet integration via Blockspring


Could someone please give me a short step by step instruction on how to connect Google Sheets to Bubble via Blockspring? I have managed to install the plugin but I cant get the data from my Google sheet to show in my app.

Any information would be appreciated!

Kind regards,


Can you try again? We just pushed a fix there

Hi @emmanuel

Firstly thank you for building Bubble. I’m now having trouble falling asleep because playing with all these new possibilities is just too fun!

Not too sure whether I’m having the same problem?

I’m trying to place data from a Google Doc into a repeating group via Blockspring. I installed the Query Google Spreadsheet block. Then problems begin as I can’t select anything else and ‘click’ is highlighted in red for some reason.

Any points in the right direction would be really appreciated!

Thank you,

Can you share a link? I think it’s because the block returns a list, so you can stick it in a text, but you can in a repeating group.