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Custom html control - getting info from and to

I’m interested in RTL full support, and for that I’m trying to build some custom htmls - for example I did text area with RTL

e<textarea rows="8" cols="80" dir="rtl"></textarea>

Now - I’m trying to build button that takes the text user has typed - didn’t find how to link it…later I’d like to design my own “pinterest” like grid and set it with data from DB…so - can I somehow achieve that in bubble?

You can use bubble content and display it (to), but the “from” is going to be tougher right now. If it’s a setting on the multi line input though, maybe it’s something we can as an option?

thanks, not sure I’m following - do you know how can I take text area input and do with that some business logic? (with bubble controls flows) or it isn’t supported at the moment?

You should use a Bubble element to do this, not the generic HTML element.

What do you mean by that? How can i achieve that? For me it would be sufficient to get data (to) an element.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

That’s a bit complex and require some coding (and to be quite experienced already with Bubble). But basically, if you use ‘Insert dynamic data’ you can have dynamic content in an HTML element.

We can’t really help debugging there, if you start hacking stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you @emmanuel. I have managed to do it :slight_smile: