Using Bubble's Rich Text Editor

Hi everyone,

I’m embarrassed to ask but how do you use this? I’ve got it installed. It appears that it has its own element. How do you get the code that it produces into the area where you need it? For example, you can see what it produced in the screenshot. I want to get the properly formatted output in the blank square just to the right above the feature list.

I looked for docs but don’t see any.

Hi. It is normal for beginners to don’t know things. I started just like you. I am still a beginner but I got knowledge and information from the bubble community. You can always ask anything even if it is simple and silly on the forum, there is always someone who will reply to you and help you in anything. So back to your question, you can use the text element and insert dynamic data “Rich Text Editor’s Value”. Place the text element where you want to see what you are writing inside the rich text editor. If you write for example in the rich text editor “Hello” and you want to keep this value in the text element, you need to create a button which saves this in the database. Let me know if you need any more help.

Thank you, Grace. This was helpful.

you are welcome

Hello @grace.hallak, I had the ( Legacy ) editor setup to save when input was changed. It’s looking like this ( new ) editor isn’t saving changes in the same way the ( Legacy ) element did? ie: old one works, new one doesn’t…? Are there any ‘best practices’ or ‘tutorial’ on how to set this new editor up properly?