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Custom marker with javascript

I am in search of bubblers who is familiar with javascript, html, ccs and displaying marker on map using those language to solve this issue:

After having follow this solution Custom map marker , I succeed to build a map with custom marker here is the editor Flex2 | Bubble Editor.

This particular code in the red box display “cat marker” and “man marker”.

Now I’m searching a way to integrate bubbles expressions " do a search for user’s profil" , “do a search for user’s geo lat” , “do a search for user’s geo long” to add automatically all user’s marker of my database.

Here is the 3 bubbles expression that I want to add in this javascript code.

This code on last picture doesn’t work. It s just for exemple.
We love bubble.

I’d recommend you also add 2 more screen captures. One showing the search and one showing the data in the database.

here is the editor: Flex-store-sub | Bubble Editor

What you mean by the search.

Here is screenshoot of list of data in the database that i want to use in javascript code.

-do a search for user geo lat
-do a seach fo user geo lon
-do a search for use profile picture

I know where your problem is.
You have the same javascript code both in the HTML element and in the On Page Load workflow. You can delete the <script> ... </script> part in the HTML element, is doing nothing there (you can also leave it if you want, it does no harm). The one that works is the On Page Load.
So that means that the dynamic data must be in the On Page Load workflow, and you now have it in the HTML element.

Hello Cristian.
When I run this Javascript code, nothing happens in my map and if I delete the <script> ... </script> part in the HTML element my map disappear.

here is the editor link: Flex-store-sub | Bubble Editor
I don’t know if in Html b and run Javascript action I have the same code as you.

-If you want to preview there is a demo account.
email: [email protected]
password. Stonered123*

-In the editor, html B and Javascript workflow are in reusable page search

We should have a code with list of latitude, list of longitude and list of profile

A little bit like this one

here is the link: android - Adding multiple markers to google map from array list of latitude and longitude coordinates - Stack Overflow

but this code don’t display custom maker with user profile

What you have in your screen capture is not the same that what you have in your app.
In your app you are trying to put a list of profile pictures, but it doesn’t work that way. In order to do that, you have to schedule an API workflow on a list.

@Jaila02 Hi, are you still looking for help?

yes. Send a private message if you are interested

We could build a custom plugin to create this list for you, then you could inject it just like you are now!

If that sounds interesting, let me know!

@Jaila02 I’m interested in helping out. Do you have budget for this project and timeframe?