Registered users populate the map at once on page load with detailed map markers

How do registered users populate the map at once on page load with detailed map markers?

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are you referring to the default map?

yes. I am not aware of any other type of map I can use.

I am trying to get the user registration in workflow with the map. I need the map to show all the registered/active users … basically like doing a map search for nearby restaurants or something like that. I have tried creating a list and App data types but it doesn’t seem to work … unless I am incorrectly applying the methods.

well there happens to be a plugin builder and people frequently build their own maps, I have have 4 company’s to choose from and over 1000 customized modifications just in 1 plugin. you could have also just gone and google the google maps and thrown a bunch of code at the html element so when something isn’t right its worth asking that first.

I can tell you this though, if it is a default bubble element and its not working normally it helps to share the editor link to your app so we can have a look. other than that i have done exactly what your trying to achieve so it is possible with the standard element.

which method do you recommend? plugin or default map? is there some type of tutorial for either…?

I will have to figure our the editor link… Im a newbie. When I get it … I will post it.

Does the Hobby level subscription have anything to do with this issue?
Does the google API toolkits have anything to do with this issue?

unless you know javascript or jquery i would probably stick away from tying to build one unless you want something that just cant be done another way. The default should be fine for what you want though. can you share a screenshot of how the data appears when you collect a position, update a position and display a position? as in the actual property editor…

Consider this as your troubleshooting though, as a google map is brought to life it has to be given a location exactly as you have done in the map element that you have setup now, have any of the users not at that instant got a location due to maybe using states or possibly that the markers are adding to the map as your signing them up and they become a “thing” before assigning them their location? is it possible that these particular users are using a device that has no gps or the user is choosing to not share their location?

everybody builds stuff a little different in bubble, that is why having the editor link will get your problem solved alot quicker.

The editor link it the url shown in your browser while you are editing your app.

ok got it.

The app is a bit choppy because I am currently working on it. I have no other way to do this. I have to sweat it out. I am more familiar with C++ … I lean on that understanding as I learn as I go with this app. Eventually some help may come along. Thank you Jarrad for your support! I really appreciate it.

index page:

no worries, you will find everyone here is willing to help out :slight_smile: there is one thing i forgot though, in order for us to see/fix it your app needs to be public. so head to the settings tab on the left in your app, click general, then either everyone can view or everyone can edit. you can change it back afterwards.

Oh snap! I got it to display the markers!!! Yo… you were right. It is possible with the standard elements. I tweaked things around in the workflow. and made up generic user accounts in the App Data sets.

After I clean it all up I will have to work on linking the actually user login to the Map and customizing the the markers to display the user information when clicked or hovered or something like that.

uhh… i think i had to go live preview for it to work also…? or to actually see if it worked…:thinking:

just go to your database, head to privacy and add a rule that only if current user is logged in they can see the locations thing of eachother, everyone else unchecked…

ok. got it. Thanks Jarrad!!!

U the Man!!!:sunglasses:

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yes, live helps live data be live :slight_smile: good work. next challenge, add the avatar plugin and give them little avatars if your not collecting pics and have there avatars show as there markers :slight_smile: or even have the avatars change to walking gif’s when they are on the move…

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whoa… i never thought of that.

What about having the markers show up with detail information and picture of the user?

Navigation Base Plugin - Watch This Space! here this is built in bubble,

you should be able to make that happen, i mean in the default element with a few tricks.

what about using a psychology api to determine key points using there sign up info and pair them that way, the info might even come in handy come marketing time.