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Custom page URL and path (subfolder)

Hi again and sorry for this dumb question but I looked everywhere (this forum, the manual and the docs), and I can’t find the answer this basic request : How do I choose the page URL ?

Right now it uses the names I use internally but they are ugly (i prefix everything so I know straight away what is is selected in the property editor : p_ for pages, g_ for group, c_ for components etc…).

More specifically I would like to have a folder hierarchy, so my admin pages are in /admin. I already have my pages organized in folders but those folders are not used on the rendered app.

ps : I am aware that pages with a Type have a “friendly URL” parameter but I need that for all pages.

Hi @dri - have you found how to do this? I have exactly the same question. Thanks.

Hi @ThomasJ , I am sorry I am not using bubble anymore but from what I recall I did not find a solution.

I’m putting together a concentrated effort. I’ve found at least 15 people looking for a solution to this. Please like or respond in this thread so we can help it gain awareness. Thank you