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Bubble app in subfolder

I manage a site. I want to test a bubble app but I need to test in a subfolder not in subdomains or custom domains. We use cloudflare Sbd @stephane commented a solution but not for this use case. Somebody can help me?


I think I’ve tried but for some reason it didn’t workout.
If I remember well it was mainly because of Bubble’s default CF acceleration.

I’ve emailed them to check if it can be disabled but not [Blog + SEO] Ghost, Wordpress or any CMS on subfolder /blog with Bubble - #20 by stephane

I created a new post to promote interest in solving this problem. The goal is to produce a clear and concise guide to solve this. Please like or comment on this post to show your interest. Share to threads similar to this one to help create a focused effort. I’m putting a group of people together to look into it. We will get this done.