Custom Plugin for Conditional Dates

I’m looking for someone to build a simple plugin that adds a backend workflow action that has the following functionality:

A condition field.

If condition field is “yes”, pass date 1 through to following steps.

If condition field is “no”, pass date 2 through to the following steps.

The date fields need to be dynamic.

Can anyone build this? Please PM me a quote.

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Hi @aj11 !

Do you have a reason why you need a plugin for this?
This seams to be doable without one…

Yes, if you convert to Unix and just use the text, but then you also have to convert back to a date. Many points of failure.

I can develop this plugin later today

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Don’t know :thinking:

I think you can use javascript to do it. It is quite simple…

You can use javascript to convert to UNIX:

const dateStr = '2022-08-17 12:00:00';
const date = new Date(dateStr);
const timestampInMs = date.getTime();
const timestampInSeconds = Math.floor(date.getTime() / 1000);
alert (timestampInSeconds);

And use javascript to convert it back:

let unix_timestamp = "1660748400";
var date2 = new Date(unix_timestamp * 1000);
var hours = date2.getHours();
var minutes = "0" + date2.getMinutes();
var seconds = "0" + date2.getSeconds();
var formattedTime = hours + ':' + minutes.substr(-2) + ':' + seconds.substr(-2);
alert (date2);

Did you already tried?

You can test the code here:

Also found some plugins for it…

The number and complexity of the date system I’m working on makes this solution impractical.

Shout out to @razaadeel8 for the help on this. He quickly built a great little plugin.