[NEW PLUGIN] Conditional Dates

Have you ever wanted to to use the “format as text” on a yes/no expression, but for dates instead of text values?

This plugin makes that possible!

This action step chooses one of two provided dates based on a conditional (yes/no) field and makes the selected date available as a value for later steps in the workflow.

Works in both frontend and backend workflows.


Plugin Page: Conditional Dates Plugin | Bubble

Link to Demo Editor: Blackfiresystems | Bubble Editor

Link to Demo: https://blackfiresystems.bubbleapps.io/conditionaldates

Shoutout to @razaadeel8 for the help on this plugin!


So something like trial end date > current date and then use yes/no to see if its expired?

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If I understand you correctly than I don’t think that is a use case.

The situation I built this for:

I have an API workflow that is receiving requests from a third-party. One of the parameters is a date. Sometimes the third-party sends a date in the parameter, sometimes the date parameter it is empty. I’m saving the date on a Bubble thing’s date field in the workflow, but I don’t want any existing date in the field to be overwritten if the third-party request doesn’t include the date.

I need the workflow to run no matter what so I can’t just require the date parameter.

So I set up a conditional date action like this:

Condition: date_parameter is not empty.

If yes, pass along date_parameter value.

If no, pass along existing date value of the bubble thing.

Bubble then saves the resulting date value to the thing’s date field.

In addition to adding conditional “format as text” functionality for dates, this can also serve an alternative for “defaulting to” which also does not work with date values.

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Added an image example to post.

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