Custom Plugin, Global Variable?

The above picture shows the issue, the map object is needed for updating the map on field update, any idea? any one? thanks in advance>

Create a custom object to store the data:

under map = Lib… (at the end of the function) = map;

In update use the to access to the data.

Just 2 questions:
1- Why you are using .getScript instead of adding the cdn to the header?
2- Why don’t initialize the plugin code directly in the update function?


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thanks for the reply, i have tried the instance variable but its giving out “undefined”.

Your questions:

  1. The.getScript is just temporary.
  2. Too keep things organised and maintainable, as there are more things to be added to initialize and update.

What are you trying to build? Is there any documentation link?

Show us something to understand better what you trying to do.

Its a custom Google Maps plugin. I need to access the map object when the address field changes to update the map. Also how can i access this “map” object in bubble to make adjustments to the map, like displaying a route or add/remove markers?

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