Custom Plugin & Ongoing Projects


I’m looking for someone to consult on building a custom plugin & various other ongoing projects.

High-level company profile:
StatStak is a sports business management software for organizations managing training facilities, teams, and other sports-specific offerings. The core functionality is scheduling events, payment processing, and general communications. We’re built with a hybrid approach with one parent app (Bubble Team Plan) and 38 child apps (currently adding ~6 accounts/month) synced to a single Firebase Firestore for several data types.

We went with this approach so that all of our clients could use their own URL (since it does function as a complete website replacement), but it turns out only about 1/4 of them are particular to their URL at all and are just fine to live on a subdomain, who knew :man_shrugging:. I’m looking at a few long-term options to get more efficiency & speed, as a few apps have passed the 1k users and 25k data points mark after a few months of operations, hence the ongoing projects bid.

Anyways - The immediate project is a custom plugin that is a calendar grid that shows the entire daily facility availability (by facility feature or by trainer) in a snapshot so a front-desk worker can quickly see where to place a lesson or rental on a call. I’ve scoured Bubble for such a plugin, and I have been unsuccessful in my search. I got what felt like 3/4 way thru building the plugin, but other features and asks have taken precedence.

Here is the current solution that we’re looking to replace, as well as a standard calendar that would be great to speed up (nested repeating groups is a sin, I know).

(Main issue, ‘daily grid’ of all calendar events in time range for each ‘feature’ (location in facility))

vs a competitor software (clearly harder to read/use, but clients say they “need to see full view”)

(Other, standard calendar to replace)

Help wanted. Plz ask any clarifying questions below. Thanks in advance!


Do you keep track of free/busy times in your database or in Google/Office calendars (users and resources)? And is your challenge in developing the UI or the backend mechanics? Thanks

Good question.
Trainers have ‘available’ hours that I store as a list of date ranges & clear as the available time passes.
All of the ‘events’ are stored in the database and have a bunch of associations to other data in the app (trainers, features, transactions, etc.).
I did use the API Connector to OAuth & sync to users’ Google Calendars, but not all users use it.

Hey there @statstak, I have a lot of experience building plugins, such as my public facing ones and I’ve also made a ton for private individuals.

Plugin consulting is part of my regular business. If you’d like some help, I’m available anytime. Send me a DM or email


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I was thinking that calendaring providers like Office or Google have user and resource/room/facility calendars and perhaps your could directly manage those through an API. Definitely it’s straightforward for users/trainers with their own calendar. Re: resources I need to double-check.

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Hadn’t even thought about it like that, but it could make sense, as long as I could quickly check their availability around other events in their schedule.
Thanks for the idea!

We have a Bubble plugin for the calendar APIs called Aurinko but somehow my comments get removed any time I try to point a user to it. Please look it up in the Plugins channel or DM me.

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Working with resources is a bit more complicated, for example, here is Graph API:

But it could be quite useful for your app, as rooms/facilities could be booked right away on the clients’ Google/Office calendars.

Haha, yes! Briefly looking thru their documentation it looks like there is a lot of overlap with what we’ve already built and problems we’ve solved. I’d imagine this is much faster/scaleable though!

For managing trainers’ free/busy times and booking appointments using Google/Office AP is quite straightforward . But managing the same for resources is a bit trickier as you usually need to request admin level access for those. You can also look into Unified APIs for this from Aurinko (ours), Nylas, or Cronofy.

Perfect, thank you, I will!