Full Calendar Scheduler Plugin

I’m looking for someone that is willing and able to implement the https://fullcalendar.io/scheduler/ into bubble. Right now bubble only supports the basic calendar side of Full Calendar and reading through the forum it seem like a lot of people are looking for this but no one has jumped on the opportunity to code it.

I understand its a bigger project and not an API so it would probably be a bit time consuming. I’m willing to help sponsor it if needed and if anyone else is willing to help sponsor it let me know.



Count me in : 100$. But ask first Bubble a quote and time delivery.

You could also find a non-Bubble developer to build a plugin/element, probably. I think that’d be a better place to look for getting things done earlier than relying on the Bubble dev team.

Yes I’m looking outside the bubble team right now. Thats what this post is for to hopefully find someone that knows bubble but willing to do it on the side. Not for bubble themselves to do it. I’ve got someone looking into this right now.


Awesome! If they do good work, let the community know so we can throw more money at them for stuff :slight_smile:

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hey @rmrosek, are there any specific features you’re interested in. Full Calendar has a ton of features and options as can be seen here (https://fullcalendar.io/docs/).
I started working on it but wasn’t sure which features to include so i pushed it aside to work on other small plugins.
If you have some specific features you want implemented let me know and i can try and finish what i have.
Currently i’ve just implemented exactly the same features that the bubble’s version has.


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Hi @seanhoots

The features that we need are the from the scheduling side of fullcalendar. Fullcalendar.io/scheduler

It’s mainly the way the calendar looks with the resources going down the left side and the times across the top as shown on their website. The features for that type of calendar are on the right side of their scheduler page.

Side note, fullcalendar does require a one time user fee. Not sure how to implement this to make sure the bubble users that want to use this scheduling feature have actuality paid it. I did ask bubble a long time ago about this and they contacted fullcalendar who told them that if we were to buy the developer license (vs. the basic user license) they won’t require each user to pay.

Let me know if that helps

Guys give me about a week to finish FullCalendar + Scheduler plugin. About 10% left to complete plus some rigorous testing since a lot is going on behind the hood.

You will have the option to assign events (e.g appointments) to resources (e.g. rooms).

I want to finish before we talk about the pricing issue since i want to track the amount of time i’m spending on it.
It may be a sponsorship or a paid plugin (likely), we will see. Just want to get the work done first.


Any update on your plugin @seanhoots? It would be great to allow custom users to input custom CSS on the fullcalendar plugin, the current styling of the stock Bubble plugin is horrible. Not a requirement, but just a thought for future features.

Any news regarding Fullcalendar scheduler plugin @seanhoots? I’m working on a project that could really benefit from a scheduling plugin.

Is this the plugin…?10 PM

I’m also very interested in a schedule plugin!

Hi @seanhoots, my name is Corey and I am the UX/UI designer for Robert, who originally posted the Schedule plugin request. Robert mentioned you both were making great progress on the integration of FullCalendar, however hasn’t had any luck hearing back. Were you able to complete the integration? Is there anything we can do to assist in the completion of the remaining 10% of the integration? Please let us know. Thanks for your interest and support Sean :grin:

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Hey guys,
Sorry for the long delay.
I finally found some time to complete the FullCalendar + Scheduler plugin. It has tons of features and customizations.
I’m currently working on the documentation.

I will also be needing about 3 testers. I’m looking for people how have either pushed the current default calendar to its limits, or badly needs a Scheduler.

Send me a DM if interested in helping me test it.

In terms of pricing, this is going to be a very premium plugin :smiley: .
For one this was a bit tricky to pull off (any developer who has attempted it knows why), and most importantly the FullCalendar Scheduler library requires a licence (https://fullcalendar.io/scheduler/purchase/).
I’ve spoken to the guys and they said as long as i make it a close source plugin i will only need to buy the SaaS licence ($480).

This means that i will need some people to commit to buying the plugin before i pay for the license.
So all those who interested kindly reply here. Personally i’m hoping to sell the plugin for a fixed one-time price (no monthly pricing).

While i work on the documentation here is a dirty preview of one of the most interesting features of the plugin. You can completely customize the look and feel of the calendar by creating and styling your own buttons without using the the default header. As seen in the snapshot below, the top header is all created and styled with bubble’s editor while the bottom header is the default which you can turn off.
Other highlights include ability to define resources(e.g rooms) and assign events (e.g appointments) to the resources.
You can also create custom views, e.g. a 3 day timeline view as shown in the example below.

The plugin is based on FullCalendar v3.0.8 (which was just release yesterday) and Scheduler v1.9.1


Count me in.

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Count me in!

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I’m in as well! This would be extremely useful to me.

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I’m willing to test. My app wont work without this. been trying to get it in for almost 2 years now. Excited for it to finally be here

Also count me in if it has the functionality I need:

I need users to be able to add a ‘frequency’ when adding a date. E.g. the user selects weekly and chooses a start date of the 7th January and end date of the 30th January: Dates for the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th will be added, because they are weekly.

I have this working using Dave Auld’s version of the Full Calendar plugin, but it’s a bit convulted and doesn’t seem to be particularly efficient.

Count me in

Count me in, especially if it will be better at responsive