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New Plugin: Simple Page Preloader

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a new plugin:

Add a simple Page Preloader to your Bubble app. Just upload an image or GIF and set the preload duration. Alternatively you can also define that the preloader should be automatically removed once the page is loaded.

For a demo of this plugin please visit:

For a demo of this plugin in the bubble editor please visit: Emojirating | Bubble Editor


This can come in handy! Bookmarked. :grinning:


Hey @Anticode, nice one!

What might be cool too is if you could have the visibility conditional (true/false) e.g. when a repeating group’s count >0.

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Sure we’ll look into that !

Hi there. I just bought your plugin and installed it on my app which is a single page app that takes about 10 seconds to load. The preloader doesn’t work at all. And when I tried the timed preloader option (set to 3000 ms), the gif image only starts showing after 10 seconds of blank page, after the page is pretty much loaded. Shouldn’t the spinner.gif image start showing right away? I am wondering what else shoud be configured for me to have the desired result.
My app is hosted at

Thank you in advance for your reply

Hello thank you for reaching out. I just tested your link and the behaviour seemed normal. Here is a screen recording:

The problem is that we can’t define that the loader is shown before the app itself is loaded, as Bubble decides when the plugin code is loaded. Therefore there is no possibility for us to show the preloader before anything else. It is however useful if you have many elements on your page and they start loading bit by bit or you have a repeating group that is loading data on page load and you want to show the preloader while the RG is loading.

Hope that helps

Hi there.
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Can you test the link on a mobile? In desktop it is indeed working. But when I access it via mobile phone, it takes longer in the blank screen. Any ideas why that is?

Just tested it on my phone and it is the same like on the desktop. I would assume the loading time is dependent on the performance of the device and the internet connection.

I’ll test it on other devices then. Hope it’s just my phone

Looks nice. Can I connect duration to Page is Loaded conditional?