Custom state-based Form

This has probably been asked, but I could not find the answers I’ve been looking for.

So, I have a workflow to create users and tag them to companies. But I’ve done this by creating things, not custom states. I realized that in this multi-step process, sometimes users cut and abandon the whole thing.

To preserve space, I thought of using Customs States to temporarily store User Information, and Customer Information, prior to the end workflow which is creating things. So my question is:

Is it possible to make a Form using Custom States which will temporarily store data and eventually in the same workflow, will be used as source data for creating things?

From reading your post, I’m guessing you’re asking if you can store information in custom states temporarily and at the end when everything else is done, create a new thing using it? If I got this right then yes, you can.

Yes, so my plan is instead of getting the data in the app data, I want them temporarily stored in custom states. This is for a form. However, I want to understand how to properly do this.

Currently I am looking at this direction. Then at a latter part of the process, I will create the thing using custom states as the source. Is this correct?

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 11.05.20

@janernestgo Sorry for the late response, but yeah you’re on the right track. However why don’t you just create a thing at the last step? You can still reference the input’s value as long as the page is the same. Custom states can be used to manage something like custom checkboxes or stuff that isn’t an actual input.

But this still works!

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