Custom state for each repeating group cell

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I’m on a very ending of building my apps and I was wondering it’s possible to create dedicated custom state for each cell in repeating group?

For example: after page has been loaded I have some search results for each cell in repeating group (which represents as a number). Many site states are referencing to this value. In order not to run many searches (for each state) I would like to run search for each cell once and then save it somewhere until page refresh.

I’ve tried to save this value in to database on page load, but right after I’ve enable it - debug mode says “Your application could save 7 seconds if you upgrade to plan”. More interesting that this message appears even with Boost On.

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Yes, attach the custom state to one of the elements inside the cell. Its value can be set by an action that was triggered by an element in the cell. Its usefulness is limited though, can’t refer to the value from outside the cell.

I think this message is not preventing your action. I get similar messages a lot, even when doing client-only workflows, with no database or server interactions.

This bit doesn’t make sense to me, page load workflow won’t be able to refer to each cell.

Maybe a list of numbers would be appropriate?


One more “show stopper” you can’t set Custom State inside Repeating Group on “Page loaded” event.

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How is each cell different? Does the value come from a user interaction?

Each cell in same, but the results they should hold - is individual.
I’ll give for example: Each cell holds Type named Search Filter. Several site properties are referencing to Search Filter Result:count
My idea is not to call Search for each site element which referencing to this results, but have result “in one place”.

I think I see where you’re going …

The usual way is to have a search result in a custom state at some element on the page, then any cell can do further filtering on that result.

The only difference between the cells is determined by cell number and user interaction such as input or button, either of which can be captured by workflow actions.

Outside the cells, you shouldn’t need to reference the cell interior if you can calculate the overall result … maybe that fits your page?

My apologies, but I might described the scenario incorrectly.
The idea is that each individual cell should contain individual results and needed site elements should be able to do action (inside this cell) depending on this result.

For example: Right now I have Just a text element which holds this Search results.

Unfortunately I have to do same search on each element to do some actions. For example: Search for Advers:filtered:count is 0 - hide element.

What might help is having a Group inside the cell, with its data source set to something, then each element inside the group can use the group’s value.

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