Repeating groups repeating groups custom state lol

i have a repeating group inside a repeating group with a custom state, im able to get the values attached to a different custom state on main page to save in database but i end up facing issues with clearing the repeating groups custom state for new data selections.

any ideas on how i can clear the states data from the inside of repeating groups? every action i try only clears a single cells custom state since its inside a repeating group

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If you’re looking to clear a list out of a custom state, you can set the state’s value to [blank] by not selecting a dynamic expression for the custom state’s value when you press a reset button. You’ll probably want this reset button outside of the repeating group itself, though it’s certainly possible to have a global reset within the group as long as you’re not using [current cell’s item] in your expression.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll have a play around on a test page to learn more :blush: I managed to do what I was aiming for too so I’m all good :blush:

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