Custom State -- keeping a 'log' in array

I can’t figure out how to append simple integers to a growing custom state “list” when the integers are already in the list. Everything I’ve tried wants even the integers to be unique. I don’t want to create full data types for this…
If I need a running list of each number the user choses in a series of questions, I want a list that perfectly matches what they chose… [3,1,2,1,4,2,3] etc.
I searched for an answer, but I must be missing something obvious. I can’t figure out how to get non-unique integers into a custom state number list.

Feels silly to create a whole new data type just so that the primitive integer ‘2’ can be seen as different from ANOTHER integer ‘2’ etc.

What am I missing?
Clueless And Feeling Stupid,

Hi there, @ponyopsmail… welcome to your first run-in with Bubble not allowing duplicates in lists. Careful… you’re becoming one of us, and that is quite the slippery slope.

You aren’t missing something, and you aren’t doing anything wrong… it just is what it is. There is a workaround where you append each list item and a special character into a custom state that isn’t a list and has a format of text, and then you split the items back out (using the special character to do the split) when you need them. Yup, fun.

But, again, you aren’t missing anything here, so don’t think it’s you.



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